At Doi Inthanon Tea Partnership our main purpose is honor the God who created all things. We do this by trying to feed ourselves in a viable, sustainable and reproducible manner. We then seek to love others by introducing them to different agricultural methods by which others will be able to feed themselves also. In the process we model methods that when adhered to will not harm oneself, our customers or the world we live in. In order to accomplish our purpose it requires perseverance, since cultivating tea is a multi- generational process.

When we say, viable this means that the tea farm will actually stay in the black financially. This includes employee wages, all overhead, and promotion. We hold to the ethic that one should not borrow finances to get today what hard work will get one tomorrow.

Viable also means Life, meaning in our pursuit to clothe and feed ourselves, we wish to do it in such a manner that it doesn’t endanger, ours or others lives, the environment or the watershed area of the Ping River. This requires us to use the least amount of chemicals possible (indeed no chemical pesticides are used period). But, you & I both know that life is more than what we do, where we live, what we eat and how much money is in our bank account.

By Life, we mean the animation of our being, body soul & spirit. We seek also to live a life that is fully connected to the very source of life, God the creator of the known worlds.

When we say sustainable, this means that we should be able to cultivate the tea over a long period of time and that the production from the harvest actually maintain present activity while at the same time providing for investment in the future.

Reproducible, this means anyone with a heart, a commitment and time, should be able to take what we do and implement it elsewhere, with positive results. We also take in a few select individuals each year and commit to invest in their lives in time, knowledge and resources to train them to also train others with our cultivation methods.